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Are you getting the most out of Microsoft 365 and Teams applications?

Could your business work even smarter?

Since the rollout of Microsoft 365 and Teams across your organisation, you may have seen a number of benefits from these new applications, such as improved employee communication and collaboration, improved productivity and maybe the introduction of a hybrid working model. However, you may feel that not all strategic objectives have been met. This is where we can support you.

We have found that once the technology is embedded, there are varying levels of engagement and knowledge across an organisation.  This is often dependant on the individual user, their role, their attitude to change and their ability to pick up new technologies.  This may be something that you have found within your organisation.

Here are a few examples:

How can we support your business?

We can work with you to review where you are on your MS 365 and Teams journey. We offer discovery sessions to help gain an insight into how teams and departments work together and identify where improvements can be made. Our team will then make recommendations on a suitable user engagement program. This may include live training sessions, tailored videos, user guides and corporate communications to support the smooth transition of any recommended changes.

A successful user engagement program can help employees embrace new technology, provide a better user experience, boost productivity and ultimately improve employee retention.

We’d love to talk to you about why you initially migrated to MS 365 and Teams and how you could further benefit from these applications to meet your strategic goals. Book an introductory session with one of our team.

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What We Offer

Tailored training for your business needs

Our services include a pre-training discovery session, to understand your training requirements, allowing us to tailor our training to meet your business needs. We can also provide customised training materials, such as quick start guides, videos and online tutorials, as well as go live support and virtual floor walking, during those crucial go live days. In addition, we can support you with your internal communications plans, to help manage change within your organisation.

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Get your team working effectively and confidently with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of the suite of Microsoft 365 applications. We specialise in providing all types of Microsoft application training to businesses, charities and the education sector.

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