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Microsoft Teams

What it is and how to maximise its benefits

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration software from the Microsoft 365 suite. It’s the app that can help your business meet, chat and collaborate from anywhere. It’s core capabilities include messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. In a world where hybrid working is now the norm and collaboration is key, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using MS Teams.

What’s the benefit of using MS Teams?

MS Teams supports collaborative working, making it easier for your people to work together regardless of their location. Instead of waiting for answers via email, you can get answers immediately using Teams Channels, or by using the Chat function, allowing quick chat conversations and updates to move projects along faster. MS Teams meetings and screen sharing remove any need for travel and aid the creative process. The result, a more efficient way of working, giving back hours of valuable time to your people. Each hour saved per person is a productivity gain and will ultimately increase your ROI. In today’s hybrid working world, MS Teams is the perfect solution to support collaborative working.

Can I use MS Teams for calling?

Yes, you can move your existing telephony platform to MS Teams, allowing you to answer inbound and make outbound calls using one interface. With MS Teams Voice, you can manage all your calls within your MS Teams account, both internal and external calls, without the need to use a handset or an additional voice platform.  You can put your caller on hold, transfer calls, add additional people into your call to make a conference call, record and transcript calls and even add live captions.

Whether routing to central hubs or direct dials, we can design your system to integrate telephony within your MS Teams account, providing the best user experience for your people. With our strong background in telephony, we are best placed to support you with this transition and can provide MS Teams Voice user training, if required.

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Why invest in MS Teams Training?

We have found that once MS Teams is embedded, there are often varying levels of engagement and knowledge across an organisation. This is dependent on the individual user, their role, their attitude to change and their ability to adopt new technologies. We can work with you to provide MS Teams user training, tailored to your business. Our training may include live training sessions, tailored videos and user guides. We can also provide corporate communications to support the smooth transition of MS Teams into your organisation. Because we take the time to really get to know your business, our training is built around your needs, successfully supporting the adoption of MS Teams across your organisation.

How can we support your business?

Through our User Adoption programme, we can work with you to review where you are on your MS Teams journey and identify where efficiencies can be made. Our team will then make recommendations on a suitable user adoption plan. From discovery and design, go live support, and project review, each stage of the plan will be developed and delivered with you at the forefront. Our team can provide MS Teams user training, tailored to your business. We can also provide tailored videos, user guides and corporate communications to support the smooth transition of MS Teams into your business.

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