C L O U D 9


Teams Meetings - Advanced Users

This course represents typical content for users who not only join Teams meetings, but regularly host meetings using more advanced features. Scheduling a meeting is optional and is targeted at those users who need a meeting platform, but not necessarily require all the meeting features.  

A typical course agenda will include:

Attending a Teams Meeting 


  • • What is Teams and how does it fit into 365?
  • • How do organisational rights determine how Teams works? 
  • • Understanding Teams meetings roles 

Joining a Teams Meeting

  • • Explore the many options available when joining a Teams meeting and understanding behavioural differences in selection 
  • • Preparing to join; managing your devices and background 
  • • Creating and using avatars 
  • • Lobby Facility

In Meeting Tools 

  • • Managing Devices
  • • Participating in meeting chat 
  • • Interacting with host and audience
  • • Enabling live captions  
  • • Participating in meeting Polls 
  • • Understand tools available when moved to a breakout room 

Post Meeting Tools

  • • Accessing recordings 
  • • Accessing Meeting notes 

Scheduling a Teams Meeting 

Pre-Meeting Considerations

  • • Is the agenda available?
  • • Who will be attending, internal or external participants? 
  • • Will users need to see the screen or will audio suffice? 
  • • Will videos or content be shared with attendees?     
  • • Will videos, PowerPoint or other content be shared with attendees?   
  • • Should the meeting be recorded and/or transcribed? 

Creating an Invite

  • • Schedule via Outlook or Teams?   
  • • Invite individuals or a Teams Channel? 
  • • What settings should be enabled /disabled? 
  • • Understanding how participants can join 

Standard In-Meeting Features

  • • Managing participants and views 
  • • Enabling or disabling recording and/or transcriptions, if applicable 
  • • Basic desktop share 
  • • Taking and managing meeting notes

Advanced In-Meeting Features

  • • Sharing desktop and presenting PowerPoints 
  • • Using Polls; when to use them, creating in advance, ad hoc and managing results 
  • • Using Breakout rooms; creating in advance, ad hoc and managing results 
  • • Adding wider 365 applications into your meeting 

Post Meeting Tools 

  • • Accessing chat after the meeting  
  • • How to review invitees and attendance
  • • Managing recordings and transcripts, including sharing and permissions   
  • • Reviewing meeting notes, poll results and other information  

Duration - 1.5 - 2 hour session