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Teams Voice Training - External Calling

Our Teams Voice training course provides attendees with the knowledge to confidently use MS Teams for external calling. Each session covers an overview of the Teams client, how to make and receive calls, call handling options, including hold and transfer, voicemail, contacts, as well as presence and status. Everything you need to get you started on your Microsoft Teams Voice journey. With each of our training courses, we will work with you to tailor the course to your organisation, to ensure we meet your business needs.

A typical course agenda will include:


  • • Business driver / Strategic vision as to why enabling Teams for voice
  • • Introduction to unified communications and benefits the solution can offer

Overview of MS Teams

  • • Understanding of the Teams window and how to navigate the interface
  • • High level overview of each module

Presence / Status

  • • Understanding presence and how to manage
  • • How to set status and manage calendar entries

Device Management

  • • Managing audio devices
  • • How to check audio quality

Inbound and Outbound calls

  • • Overview of the Calls module
  • • Searching and calling a Teams contact
  • • Dialling out, including number presentation
  • • Answering an incoming call and ending a call
  • • Understanding the difference between direct dial and call queue calls (where applicable)

Call Handling

  • • Learn call handling features such as hold, mute, touch tone
  • • Transfer calls via chat, audio or external number
  • • Enabling call recording and transcription (if applicable)
  • • Adding colleagues and contacts to an inbound or outbound call
  • • Using the live caption feature

Managing Voicemail

  • • Accessing voicemails via Teams
  • • Listening to voicemails via Outlook
  • • Managing voicemail greeting and out of office

Call Settings

  • • Understand the routing concept of unified communications
  • • Managing unanswered calls
  • • Enabling call forwarding
  • • Working with delegates (where applicable)
  • • Managing contacts, including contact groups and speed dials

Duration - 1 hour session, plus 15 minute Q&A