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Teams Channels

Our Teams Channels training course provides attendees with the knowledge to confidently use MS Teams. Each session covers an overview of the Teams client and Channels, Teams conversations, including file sharing, as well as Channel meetings. Everything you need to get you started on your Microsoft Teams journey. With each of our training courses, we will work with you to tailor the course to your organisation, to ensure we meet your business needs.

A typical course agenda will include:

Introduction to Teams

  • • What is Teams and how does it fit into 365?
  • • Review transformation journey so far, any tools or features in use 
  • • Timeline for any proposed changes / process launch   

Overview Teams & Channels 

  • • Why and when to use Teams and Channels
  • • Navigating the module 
  • • Understanding owners, members, internal and external contacts and how governance may affect behaviour 
  • • Understanding the general channel and default/potential tabs and applications   

Team Conversations 

  • • Starting a new conversation 
    • • Using formatting   
    • • Sharing conversations to multiple teams / channels
    • • Starting an announcement 
  • • In conversation features
    • • File sharing and management  
    • • Who can see and respond to your posts? 
    • • Managing/taking part in post thread 
  • • Working with external contacts and understanding restrictions and/or organisational governance

View and Notifications  

  • • How to work efficiently within Teams by organising your view with personal preferences
  • • How to manage notifications to ensure work is noticed and prioritised

Channel Meetings  

  • • Starting an ad hoc meeting and understanding how that works for channel members 
  • • Creating scheduled meeting 
  • • Understanding relationship with Outlook calendar   
  • • How to amend or cancel a team meeting  

Teams (365) Applications  

Teams Channels works seamlessly with many 365 applications that may be part of your standard licence or external applications that have been approved by Microsoft and purchased separately.    If Teams is new to an organisation an overview of capabilities may be provided.  If working with Cloud9 as part of our user adoption programme, relevant apps and processes will be built into our overall agenda. 

Duration - 1 hour session, plus 15 minute Q&A